[Practice of potato cake (improved version)]_ Common practice of potato cake (improved version) _ Practice of potato cake (improved version) _ How to make potato cake (improved version)

[Practice of potato cake (improved version)]_ Homemade method of potato cake (improved version)

Taking the time to cook a delicious and nutritious home-cooked meal for your family. It is a happy thing to watch the family happily eating what they cook, not too complicated. The practice of potato cake (improved)Not complicated, it can bring convenience to female friends who are both busy with work and taking care of family members.

1. Potatoes are peeled and shredded. You can cut them with a knife or rub them on a cutting board. 2. You can use potato shreds with water or not. It depends on whether you want starch.

All the ingredients, the diced diced, are put in, except salad oil and flour.

3. Stir, add salad oil 4, add flour, and stir with water 5. Preheat the pancakes. Pour the stirred liquid into the pancakes. Turn it over in about two minutes and heat both sides twice.

6, out of the pan, set the plate, Mei Mei want to have a healthy body is best to cook by yourself, the method of potato cake (improved version) is easy, and the ingredients are easy to find, healthy and delicious.