[How to fry chicken wings]_How to fry_Fried

[How to fry chicken wings]_How to fry_Fried

Chicken wings are also a kind of food that many people like to eat. If you want to make chicken wings delicious, it doesn’t prevent you from trying fried chicken wings. People should also find snacks when they go to a snack booth outside.Most businesses will use the fried method, which can make the chicken wings very crispy, and the taste is very fragrant and very attractive.

People can also eat chicken wings at home. How to fried chicken wings?

The practice of fried chicken wings is a recipe ingredients: 1,000 grams of chicken wings, 20 grams of spicy fried chicken marinade, 300 grams of super fried flour, and 220 grams of water (ice or cold water).

Production method: 1.

Wash the chicken wings completely after thawing, and reserve for use; 2.

Proportionally (fried chicken wings, chicken legs: feed: water: meat = 2: 10: 100; fried chicken rice, chicken: feed: water: meat = 2.

4: 30: 100) Weigh the marinade with water and mix well, then add it to the chicken wings, so that the pickling solution and the chicken wings are in full contact. If there is a strong plastic bag, you can add the chicken wings and the pickling solution.2. Tighten the bag and beat it vigorously for 10-20 minutes, and the brakes will taste evenly; 3.

Add chicken wings to the refrigerator freezer and marinate for more than 12 hours; 4.

Press powder: water = 1: 1.


3. Weigh 100g of super fried powder, 120-130g of ice water, mix and prepare for 5;

The marinated chicken wings are sizing and floured, and the floating powder is shaken off in the rice flour basket, then fried in frying oil at 175 ° C for 4-5 minutes until golden ripe, and the spicy fried chicken wings are ready to serve.

The main features: attractive spicy smell, pure and refreshing spicy, attractive appetite; can very well set off the chicken aroma, low degree of spicy, can be wide, the spicy flavor in the mouth to add time.

The practice of fried chicken wings: Recipe ingredients: fresh chicken wings, red dried chili shears, peppercorns, onion segments, ginger slices, garlic slices, egg greens, salt, cooking wine, bread flour.

Production method: 1.

Wash the chicken wings and draw a few passes on the surface with a knife, put cooking wine, salt, spring onion, ginger slices and marinate for 30 minutes, remove the spring onions and ginger slices, then stir in egg whites and sprinkle with bread flour; 2.

2. Heat the wok and add more oil, which can basically accumulate no chicken wings. Wait until the oil is very hot (you can see the smoke). Fry the chicken wings until the surface of the chicken wings is golden. Remove the chicken wings and set aside. 3.

Leave a small amount of fat in the wok, heat it up, add dried chili, pepper, green onion, garlic slices, burst the flavor, immediately put the chicken wings, stir well quickly, out of the pan, spicy fried chicken wings Serve.

[Eating zone]Cooking skills: When making fried chicken wings, turn on medium heat, fry the chicken wings, and see that the surface is discolored. Then, cover the pot with a small fire and simmer for about 2-3 minutes.Deep-fried, so that it will be colored immediately, and the skin will be very crispy. As soon as it is colored, it must be drained immediately. The slow-moving chicken will lose moisture and become dry.

Warm reminder: Generally speaking, it is better to eat less fried foods, but for other common meats in the chicken category, it is still relatively small for adults. And chicken has a special advantage that chicken is almostIt is suitable for any fruit except bananas, so if you like fried chicken, you may wish to cut the chicken into strips or diced, mix it with lettuce and grapes to make a salad, or add lemon juice directly to the fried chicken.In this way, the fried chicken can taste delicious and not greasy.

One of the tips of fried chicken wings: The main seasoning of pickled chicken wings is in the pickling step, so the pickling is good or not enough, which will have a great impact on the taste. The marinade of pickled chicken wings will usually use strong taste ingredients.Although there are many items, but the serving size is usually not large, so that the original flavor of the chicken itself is not lost in the marinade. With a small amount of marinade, it is relatively easy to marinate and taste.

The trick to master in the process of pickling is to mix the marinade first so that the taste of each ingredient in the marinade is uniform, then add the chicken wings, and then try to spread the marinade on the surface of the chicken wings evenly.It doesn’t matter if you rub it with a little bit of force, you can even repeat the application step evenly in the middle of the marinating to get a more even flavor.

Tip two: Batter batter is a very common outer covering of fried chicken wings. The taste of the fried chicken wings has a lot to do with the unevenness of the batter. The batter must be adjusted evenly and carefully to make the crust crisp.It also contains flour particles or large air bubbles, which will make the skin easy to break, not only the skin itself becomes unpalatable, but also because the chicken wings cannot be tightly wrapped to protect the chicken wings, and the chicken wings lose their deliciousness during the frying process.

When adjusting the batter, you can use the bottom of the container on the top of the spoon to stir the circle, so that the agglomerated part can be dispersed. If there are large bubbles, you can tap the bottom of the container to let the bubbles out.

Tip 3: In addition to the batter, the outer layer of fried chicken wings also needs to be dip, that is, to dip flour, bread flour, or other powders, you must master two tips, and then uniform and dense, the powder is not completely stainedThe uniform coat is thick and thin, the taste is naturally poor, and the powder is too loose and it is easy to peel off during frying. After frying, not only the skins are replaced, but the whole pan will be turbid.

When dipping the powder, check whether there is any stain on the crevices. If it is too thick, you can pat it gently to let the excess powder fall naturally. When the powder is evenly spread, press the powder gently with your hands.
Tip 4: When it comes to deep frying, there are more places to pay attention to. First, you must master the oil temperature is about 180 ° C. If the orientation is too high, the color of the skin will be too dark, and it will not even be cooked through.The meat will be too old and greasy.

Put them slowly and slowly one by one so that they do not stick to each other. It can also prevent the oil temperature from falling too much at once. When frying, it should be turned in a timely manner. The surface color and maturityWill be even.

If you like a crispy texture, you can fry it twice, remove it when it is half-cooked, let the chicken wings cool down a little, and then put it back in the oil pan and fry until cooked through.